Set MX Records to GoDaddy’s Service


So you have a client who wants to use your hosting but keep their email at GoDaddy. It happens! We had a real problem online searching for, what should be, a very simple piece of information. Thought we’d make it easier on ourselves, and other developers, by just keeping a public note of it here. Read Article >

What the iPad Air Means for Creatives


We live in faster, smaller, “better” kind of world. Apple continues to be branded as “innovative”, when really, their biggest strength is simply listening to their consumers. Now, we see the release of the iPad air. A spectacular device that is exactly what everybody wanted. Read Article >

Domain Renewal Scam

One of the benefits of working with a web team you trust is avoiding possible scams. There are so many advertisements out there these days for “Create Your Own Website”, “Super simple with GoDaddy!” or “Use 1&1 and Build Your Online Store”. Read Article >

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