How To Use Animate.css


In a recent battle with the “Just-add-water CSS Animations” plugin, Animate.css, I was a little distressed to find no documentation on the site. It got to the point where I was flipping through multiple Google searches just looking for something basic. Read Article >

Parallax Elements Disappearing Using Stellar.js


In a recent Parallax site build, I encountered a unusual problem of elements disappearing before they were completely off the screen. The good news, I found 2 solutions! Set Height and Width Don’t ask me exactly how I found it, but at some point in all my Googling I came across a support thread on StackOverflow. Read Article >

A New Telegraphics, Inc. Website

We’re very excited to announce a new website. We were already happy with our site, just wanted to take it to the next level. The transition was both a learning experience and a chance for us to get in some more practice building responsive. Read Article >

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