Better Website Hosting

for a Better Site

There are 2 major components to a website, the domain name and the website host. If you think of it like a neighborhood, your domain name would be the address of your house and your hosting would be the house itself. Website files are saved in much the same way you save files on your computer; only, for a website, they have to be stored on a computer everybody can access. In this case, a web hosting server.

You would not believe how many people just get absolutely, completely and utterly ripped off on web hosting. We had one of our, now, clients tell us he was paying $70/month for his website hosting. $70/month—that is $840/yr for web hosting alone! A different client was running an overly complex system for his website and paying $2,000 a year. This client now hosts with us for the cost of $10/month.

How We Help

So what do we do? We are not server experts, so, we team up with the very best. Essentially, we buy in bulk and sell the services to you at a cheaper rate. We partnered with a premier server company, Rackspace, to bring you the most reliable cloud hosting service around.

Our Hosting Plan

Rackspace Cloud Sites is not only our choice for clients, but our choice as well! What makes our servers more reliable and faster, is that it spreads your traffic across an entire cluster of servers. It’s superior web hosting without the hassles of managing a dedicated server or the poor performance common with shared hosting.

  • 12GB Disk Space
  • 120GB Monthly Transfer Volume
  • 10 SubDomains
  • 120 email accounts
  • 1 ftp login
  • 1 100MB MySQL Database
  • Support for Python, Perl, PHP 3, PHP 4, PHP 5
  • Firewall Protection
  • Daily backup of Website