Five Roses Pub

Five Roses Pub is a member of the growing community of businesses located in Rosemont, IL, immediately outside O’Hare Airport. They are one of seven other bar/restaurants located in the the densely populated, tourist-aimed destination known as MB Financial Park.

Inspired by the tradition of Publik Houses in Irish culture, they aim to be a place where people can gather to relax, celebrate and bond over a pint with traditional Irish fare.

What were their needs?

While Five Roses Pub has been consistently bringing in business since its opening in 2012, they wanted to use their website to capitalize on the booming tourism in the area as a way to stand out among their near-by competitors.

  • Modernized branding elements and photography
  • Customized responsive website design
  • Intuitive tools for website maintenance
  • Continued support through hosting and ongoing maintenance

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Our Strategy

Establish Brand Vision

It all started with a new online brand identity centered around a modernized logo and new photography that would drive the website concept.

Design to Meet Goals

With new design elements in place, we developed a beautiful, functional site with features and information most important to potential Five Roses’ customers.

Built In Tools

Behind the scenes are a variety of innovative tools and functionalities that allow the Five Roses team to better maintain their site as they grow.

tg + Five Roses Pub

We partnered with Five Roses to develop a beautiful website that offered a better user experience and communicated their modern take on Irish tradition to bring in more customers.