Project Management

In the last 16 years, we have continually modified our process. Constantly asking, “how can we make this better?” Through it all, we have found the key to any successful project — communication.

Understanding what we’re doing, what you’re paying for and where we are in the process shouldn’t be too much for a client to ask. We love technology and use it to our advantage every step of the way. Below are just a few of the systems we have implemented here to ensure your project runs on-time, within scope and on budget.


Project Management Software

Effective project management requires the right tools. For years now, we’ve used Basecamp as our primary means of communication throughout a project build. No more searching through emails to see what was said, or sent. Basecamp allows us to:

  • Create and track project events for everybody to see
  • Assign to-dos to our team and yours
  • Contain all file sharing within one place
  • Collaborate on content development through text docs
  • Store all discussions in a search friendly online interface

We feel it is truly the cornerstone of our project management service allowing us to excel in bringing you the best experience possible.


Our Time, Your Money

Any time spent working on your project is tracked inside of our elaborate time tracking system, Toggl. The system allows us to provide any of our clients with a full list of the dates & times their project was worked on, at any time. 

Detailed Reports

Receiving a detailed report of where our time was spent allows your team to analyze your costs on design, development, or any other services. 


Collaborative Team Calendar

To ensure our team has appropriately factored your job into our current workload, we use the power of TeamWeek. TeamWeek is an online calendaring system focused on allowing teams like ours the ability to track your project every step of the way.