Why Do I Want Cloud Hosting?

How Hosting Works

A web host is simply a publicly accessible computer, or “server”, for the world to access your site. You could easily host your website on your computer. It would just need to be on all the time, up & running all the time, and in case it ever breaks, people won’t be able to access your site.

We don’t want that responsibility. We’re not a hosting company. Instead, we put in the research to find the best website hosting firms to use for our site and yours. To make the process easier, we simply coordinate all aspects of hosting the website for you and will notify you if something goes wrong. 

Why Cloud Hosting is Different

The idea behind cloud hosting is that your website doesn’t sit on one server at one location. It’s spread across multiple servers, so when a page is requested, instead of needing to be downloaded from some server in Europe or India, it’ll use the server nearest to the individual in places like MN, Chicago or NY.

Traditional hosts cram multiple accounts into a single server. They’re able to offer enormous amounts of unneeded, bandwith, space, and storage.

Speed Matters

In late 2013 Google released the newest version of their algorithm, Hummingbird. Drastically changing the “search engine game,” approximately 90% of search results were affected. 

We actually had a client upset with us at one point, because, after we moved his site over to his GoDaddy hosting account, it wasn’t running as fast as it was on our test servers. Our servers are optimized for faster download speeds from more sources, unlike GoDaddy’s shared hosting accounts which cram multiple clients onto one large server.

99.9% Uptime Promise

Your websites, email and databases should always be protected against unscheduled outages. We can’t expect you to run your business to it’s fullest if you’re worried about your website not being available to your users. This is why we host our own services right along with you. We trust WP Engine hosting for ourselves, and our clients.

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