WordPress — The Content Management System

What started off as a blogging platform has turned in a full fledged content management system that powers 22% of all websites in the US.

The greatest benefit to having your site built atop a content management system, is that it eliminates the need to keep a Web company on retainer. The ability to update text, images, or videos is easily accessible through an online portal we customize to your site’s content.


As a Content Management System

The versatility of the WordPress system allows it to be customized in a manner that allows you to update your own site. We give you a link, you login and you now have the ability to update text, add pictures, add video and more. In the older days, large sites would have each page built out in HTML. So when you needed something updated, the company would find that page, open it up and make the update. Today, the world has turned to database! All of your site’s content is stored in a database and pushed out onto the page. For you, this means there’s no need to know HTML to update your site anymore.

The Versatility of the System

Because WordPress serves as a development platform, it’s meant to be built on top of. If you think about it like a car, WordPress is your base model. It’s going to do everything you need it to do, but now that we have a base, we can build on top of it. New rims, power door locks and sunroofs are the equivalent of adding an automated event calendar, a product line or a photo gallery.

We’re saving time and money by not building out everything from scratch, which leaves you room in your budget for the perks!

Better Search Engine Results

With the way it was constructed, WordPress has several Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques in place to begin with. For instance, a URL such as domainname.com/page7.php is not going to garner as good of a result as domainname.com/specific-page-terms.

Methods like these are built into the WordPress setup as a means to help improve your organic search engine rankings.

The Evolving and Growing Web

Same as you would with your car, your website is going to need the occasional tune-up. WordPress, being a piece of technology, is continually being updated and improved with new features and better functionality.

We offer warranty packages to ensure your site is up-to-date with the latest security and features available.

Get Started With WordPress

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