Website Questionnaire

To assist in developing the proper direction for your website, there are some questions I’d like to have answers to before beginning. Please answer the questions below by copying our questions and pasting them into your own message within this thread. You can delete out our (ex:) text.


  1. Please provide us with 3 competitor websites
    1. Site 1 – what you like: – what you don’t like:
    2. Site 2 – what you like: – what you don’t like:
    3. Site 3 – what you like: – what you don’t like
  2. What aspects of your current site work well and why are they successful? (ex: graphics, site navigation, contact form, etc.)
  3. List 3 problems facing you with your current website (ex: can’t update myself, doesn’t work on mobile devices, etc.)
  4. List 3 expectations for your new site (ex: better search engine results)
  5. What is the purpose of your site? (ex: The site is used only to promote the business and develop our brand, The site will be used to sell new or existing products/services, The site will provide entertainment)
    1. What action do you want a user to complete when visiting your site? (ex: Fill out a form, email us, sign up for our newsletter, make a purchase)
  6. In order of importance, name the 3 types of visitors your site will receive (ex: repeat customers, new users looking to purchase, visitors interested in reading or learning more)
    1. Most important visitor:
    2. Second most important:
    3. Third most important:
  7. What are the primary pages (your navigation) the site will have? (ex: Home, About, Contact, etc.)
  8. What type of content will the site have? (ex: text, images, videos, forms)
  9. List 3 Short Term Goals for the Site (ex: better calls to action, easier navigation)
  10. List 3 Long Term Goals for the Site (ex: develop a blog, ability to expand)
  11. What is going to make this new site better than your old site?
  12. Why will people visit your site?
  13. List an artist, song or album that you feel will set the tone for your new site.
  14. What Social Media Networks, with URLs, will we be including? (ex: Facebook -
  15. Are there any 3rd party services that will be integrated to your site? (ex: for newsletter sign up)