Information Architecture

What is easily our most valuable contribution to your project…our 14+ years of working in the ever changing world of wide webs. You know your industry, we know the web. Let’s put the two together and see what we can create together.

How It Works

An in-depth review of your site to support a positive user experience. We will use our 14+ years of experience to establish effective content relationships. A lot of websites aren’t as effective because there has been no thought to the user flow, or process. A “throw everything” at them approach is usually taken instead of establishing a process for getting a user from point A to point B within your site.

Content Recommendations

Based on the conversations you’ll have with our team, we will attempt to merge your vision with our expertise and suggestions.

We will research your competitors to gather additional ideas for your site and conduct a review of their infrastructures to make suggestions on bettering your own. Specifically when it comes to decisions about how a user will interact with your content at the desktop, tablet, and mobile level.

This information will be used to examine means to distinguish you from your competitors, enhance your visitors’ experience, and expand brand recognition.

Creating a Mission Statement

Both teams need to be focused on what the goal of your website will be. Our best example is our client in Chicago who does food tours. When first asked what the goal of the site would be, it was described as: providing information about tours, showing pictures, playing videos and viewing testimonials about people who had taken the tour.

We worked with the client to determine what the core strength of the site would be. Determining that, very simply, the goal of the site was to sell more tickets.

With that single statement in writing, we are now able to build a site that adheres to that single principle. When questions arise regarding content or design choices, it is always weighed against the mission statement to ensure the focus of the site is maintained to achieve your goals.

Interactive Wireframes

As seen in the image, is a black and white, functioning build of your site. There are certain psychological principles that talk about the idea of providing a client with “too much” and losing focus. For instance, if we were to show you an entire design with colors, pictures, fonts and some text and asked you to “let us know if that content is what you want it to say?” It’s extremely difficult to look past the work that was done and focus on what the site is legitimately saying.

This black and white, functioning wireframe aims to help our clients look past that and truly focus on WHAT your site is saying.

Use Our Information Architecture Services

Years of experience will allow us to craft a site intended to provide users, and search engines, direct access to the driving motivators behind your site. Fill out the form below to begin the process of creating a more profitable website for your team.