Logo Design & Branding

You know the old saying of, “What you say isn’t nearly important as HOW you say it?” Well that’s your company’s branding.

Whether or not you’ve accepted it, we’re in a digital age. Your company’s products and/or services are being judged the very second they see your name. Now, how that name is presented to them is a responsibility we don’t mind sharing with you.

Why Worry About Branding?

Your branding IS your company. It’s a representation of the work you do and the quality you aspire for. If you have a logo that looks like it was quickly pieced together, a consumer is going to view your product, or service, as quickly put together. Logos tend to be underestimated and generally a second-hand thought to other business structuring items. In reality, it’s your single most important marketing item.


It's "JUST" A Logo

We can assure you that it’s more than JUST a logo and in today’s market, a properly formatted logo is more crucial than ever. More than just business cards and website placement, logos are used in online registries (great for increased search engine rankings!), social media profiles and more. Your company’s brand is in demand today more than it ever has been before. It’s our job to make sure your logo works in color, black & white, big, small, on Twitter, Facebook, Web, print and more.

It Costs Too Much.

Logos, like many other design elements, are subjective by nature. Though users may not always recognize a good logo, they will certainly recognize a bad one. Poor font choices, spacing and even colors can subconsciously restrict your consumer’s purchasing habits — and in an online world where infinite choices are just a click away, you can’t afford to NOT have a good logo.

Stop Waiting

Start on your new logo today by reaching out, below, to get a quote.  All we need is some simple information, and you can start using your new logo by next month.