On-Going Maintenance

Keeping Your Site Secure

Though we cannot 100% guarantee your site’s security, there are measures we can take to prepare. Using an online content management system saves you time and money when it comes to updating your site; but, it also demands more to manage the site. You’ll want to ensure it’s not only backed-up regularly, but also up-to-date with the latest, most secure versions of the WordPress system and it’s plugins.

We Fix It For Free

Under our extended warranty, if something goes wrong while our team is updating your site — we are responsible for any problems encountered that may cause your site to mis-perform.

Included Website Warranty

Your site comes with a 3-month warranty after its launch date. This ensures your site is operating as intended and protected against any attacks. If your site is compromised within this 3-month period, it will be fixed; or, restored to it’s original launch form, free of charge!

Updating the System on Your Own

You can absolutely perform these upgrades and backups yourself; however, plugins and system files can sometimes cause conflicts crashing your site. If the site errors because of an update performed by your team, your account will be responsible for our hourly rate, plus rush charges, to get your site up and running again.

Extended Warranty Signup

Our extended warranties are intended to keep your WordPress site securely up to date, running the latest software and plugins. Per-plan of your choice, over the course of one year, our Telegraphics, Inc. staff will login to your account to update the WordPress system, plugins, and backup your database and all associated website files. Also, review site widgets and templates to ensure proper functionality and provide you with a list of broken site links, if any are found.