Responsive Web Design

When it comes to providing a website for your user base, you’re doing more than just putting content online. If that were the case, you could just post your pages on a Craigslist style ad.

Instead, what we’re helping you create, is an experience for the users of your site. An experience which, in 2014, has to carry beyond the desktop and onto the tablet and mobile platforms. As you can see from the example, as the browser moves from a desktop version, to a tablet (ex: iPad), to a mobile platform, the screen adjusts both image size and layout based on the elements that are most important to the user.

The days and costs of building a “mobile version” of your site are over. A responsive website, simply, conforms your site’s layout to reconfigure depending on the width of browser. Building your website in a responsive manner with a mobile first approach, will allow you to provide a streamlined system for improved user experiences.

“Global mobile data traffic will increase 18-fold between 2011 and 2016.”

– Cisco System, Incorporated, February 14, 2012
Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update 2011 – 2016

The Need for Mobile Compatibility

If you think the mobile market does not affect your website, guess again. Mobile traffic is growing more everyday, and with new smartphone models being consistently released, previous models are becoming more affordable. Allowing a user to surf the web from the palm of their hand has gone from science fiction to reality. To not accommodate your site for a mobile platform may exhaust your online efforts and render your user’s web experience, with your unyielding platform, in a negative manner.

Ignoring the need for mobile responsiveness, is to ignore the needs of your users. When we think of someone using their mobile phone to access a website, we all think of the same thing. A businessman on his device, doing something important and time sensitive. The truth, couldn’t be further. A survey by, Digital Intelligence firm, Compete has found that 84% of mobile data usage occurs from users accessing the web on their device in the home.

Time Spent on Mobile Devices

  • 84% Use them at home
  • 80% Use them during miscellaneous downtime throughout the day
  • 74% Use them while waiting in lines or for appointments
  • 69% Use them while shopping
  • 64% Use them at work
  • 62% Use them while watching TV
  • 47% Use them during their commute

Compete, Inc.
“Smartphone Owners: A Ready and Willing Audience”

Make Your Site Responsive

Want to reach us on your tablet, smart phone, or desktop? No problem! Getting a quote from us anywhere, anytime, is as easy and responsive as we want it—on the same page, right there, no matter the device.