Search Engine Optimization

How We Get Your Site on Google

You spent all this time building a great site, but now how are people actually going to find it. The number of factors that go into Google Rankings are countless. Google themselves claim:

“There are many components to the search process and the results page, and we’re constantly updating our technologies and systems to deliver better results.”
Google Algorithms

Our greatest asset in this category is to help you create a website that is optimized for speed, with effective page content atop a responsive design. With the release of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, we have seen the extinction of several “black hat” SEO techniques with the best methods currently relying on credibility, speed, and new content, among others.

Google's Hummingbird Algorithm

Google caused a tremendous shift in the world of search engine optimization with the release of their Hummingbird algorithm in late 2013. 

“The change is designed to handle conversation search queries, such as ‘How do I tie a bow tie?’ as well as it handles keyword search queries, such as ‘White House history.’ It affects 90% of search results.”

More than these simple title sifts, Google is strategically more focused on effective content methods. Ways of structuring your content online that is logical and follows a distinct user flow. These content methods are examined in our information architecture phase with regard to content access and website navigation. 

The 2 Types of Search Results

Organic Search Results

Your organic search results deal with how your site is going to appear in the primary search area of Google. There are a number of elements that go into achieving solid organic and paid results.

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Paid Search Results

Paid search results can be achieved by paying for your ad to appear when a particular word, or phrase, is searched. Your account may use a Pay-Per-Click system, meaning you would only be charged every time a visitor clicks on the link to access your website. You can create campaigns, set limits and more.

Tracking Your Visitors

Google Analytics is a javascript based tool placed on every page of your site to monitor traffic. Number of visitors, where they came from, how long they stayed, what pages they looked at, and lots more. 

Our team will create or merge a Google Analytics account to your new, or transferred, site. If you have a current Google Analytics account, this information can be used in creating a new website home page; to examine your current user-flow in determining the best means for crafting a more structured user experience.

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