Using WordPress Templates

They Don’t Build ‘Em Like They Used To

Years ago, templates became the quickest, and cheapest, way for companies to establish a web presence.

Maybe you knew someone, who knew someone, who did websites on the side. Today, they allow our clients to save thousands on a modern, responsive website design. We see it like building a car. Once we’ve put together the framework and engine, the customizing can begin.

How many seats? 
How many doors? 
What kind of upgrades? 
And of course…what color?

By not building the framework and engine from scratch with every website build, we save time. Allowing us to focus on your company’s messaging and establishing an effective user flow.

Our Shortcut, Your Savings

By using a template you’re cutting down on the time spent to not only create the design and layout, but the time needed to convert that design to HTML/CSS is also omitted.

Traditionally, you pay for time dedicated directly to working with a designer. After that, additional time is needed to convert that designer’s creation into web ready HTML & CSS files. Using a more cost effective designer, website pricing could range from:

  • Information Architecture Phase: $1,200 min
  • Full Website Design: $2,500 min
  • Conversion of Design to HTML/CSS: $1,500 min

Unfortunately, that’s just for the look and feel of the site. Additional costs are involved with the website build process for WordPress Back-End Development, Custom Integrations and more. 

Ongoing Support

Our WordPress templates are built smart, and easy-to-use. Customized specifically to help you spend less time learning how to update your website…every time you need to update your website.

We also offer CMS training available by phone, Skype or Google Hangout via video & screen sharing. Fill out the form below to get started today.